Davide Bertoli, known as dbprogolf, was born in Iseo on the 3rd of May ‘88,
he became a golf professional winning the qualifying school in 2010 
at the National Golf Club in Rome . 
At the age of 13 he took his first shot with a 7 iron Ping Eye 
that lead him to a series of successes worldwide . 
He graduated in Economics and Business at the University' of Brescia, 
while he was studying David was able to take part in amateur and 
professional tournaments discovering Europe and Australia . Commitment, 
passion and perseverance have been the weapons that lead him 
in just two years to become a one digit hcp . 

"Results do not come from nowhere", he has always supported, 
but through a series of sacrifices and dreams that led him today 
to be a coach well known and appreciated. 
After five years as a professional player, taking part 
in significant Tours such as European Challenge Tour, Alps Tour, 
Allianz Tour, EPD Tour and Jeko Tour the decision to move 
with his girlfriend in the most charming spot in Asia, Singapore, 
devoting himself to full-time teaching . 
He obtained during these years important certifications which 
enabled him to improve his knowledge of the 
Technological Instruments that the Market offers 
and the recent studies of the swing . He also certified in diverse branches of 
golf biomechanics - kinetic and kinematic - physical - physical preparation. 
Passion and tenacity lead him to get results out of students . 
David in a short time was considered a "genius" by his students, 
he helped in a short time to reach goals never expected with new methods of teaching .


"Getting the most, through the physical characteristics and the susceptibility of the individual player thanks to the principles of biomechanical sequence kinematics, kinetics and physical”. 

I do not consider myself a master of the backswing but a good coach of the downswing . 

Certainly if we have a good weight support, a good body position and a good position of the club at the peak of the backswing, eases the transition and therefore the downswing reaching a solid impact and consistency. 
As you know many professionals on the tour don't have a unique and symmetrical movementbut what makes them similar is their stability and impact position . The creation of the different forces and power in the downswing and the sum of the numbers given by the club and the body, leading them to a solid impact on the ball. 

Short game: 
I find this part of the game very fascinating, unfortunately is highly underrated by golfers and is rarely practiced . More than half of the strokes in a tournament come from the short game so I concentrate with my Juniors mostly on teaching it. Once we stabilize their short game and putt
their quality of game will greatly improve . 

Putting :
I do not follow a fixed methodology for all students, because there are too many types of swing, but just one roll . On the putting I analyze the rolling  of the ball from a number of stations and I focus on the player . Obviously there are some key points that must be respected . 

During the lesson I want to confront with my students, 
I firmly believe that communication with my own student 
is important and that we need to share ideas and concerns 
in order to deliver the best golf. 

My Mission


Able to create a relationship of trust with your student, embracing a deep respect for themselves and others. 
..Golf is a way of being, a life style... 
It's sport that involves the whole being, mental and physical, identifying the human body as the instrument of ultimate expression and technique and it' s why it is to be loved, respected and enhanced, but also accepted with the understanding of its limits and with the transformation of it into positive. 
The acceptance of yourself and your body changes is therefore self-esteem and awareness for the success of your own goals. Easy is to make progress with gifted students, but in this case the merit of the teacher would be due them minimally. 
The greatness of a Coach is based on two points: shaping a physical difficulty and pull out the talent; unite mind and body into a single channel. All of this thanks to the on going studies, the passion and the will to express, share and succeed in our work.

My golf bag

                    F8+ Cobra Driver
                    F8 Cobra 3 wood 16+ 
                    Cobra forged Tour 3 to Pw 
                    52-58 PUR versatile wedges
                    Ping Putter

Maybe you and your irons just aren’t made for each other... 

One of the simplest ways golfers can improve their games is 
through proper club fitting, which is often overlooked because of 
the emphasis golf equipment companies 
place on trying to help golfers hit the ball farther. 
Adding distance is great, 
but it doesn’t always come with an improvement in shot consistency. 
Sometimes, it actually has the opposite effect, 
whereas a proper fitting almost always improves shot consistency 
and often leads to more distance as well. 

BOOK A FITTING : info@dbprogolf.com


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