Lessons Types

The first and only full body 3D motion capture system in golf (2 hour)

It is the wave of the future. MySwing allows me, and the player, to see precisely what the issues are. And more importantly, gives me the ability to make corrections that with videocameras or naked eye are almost impossible to see, saving and comparing all the data . Another great advantage of this system is the biofeedback exercise, which uses both audio and visual cues, that allows coaches to share instant swing feedback with their students; There is also a report comparing a student’s swing to Tour ranges.

  • 1 person: $320

Short game : 

  • Short game Specialist using GCQuad and 3D system: $320 - 120 minutes


Putting with CAPTO, 3D system. It's a revolutionary new training that gives golfers immediate and accurate data on their putting in real time and in real outdoor conditions : 
  • $320 - 120 minutes

Ad Hoc Lesson (1 hour)

Refresh lesson with the basic concepts using GCQuad launch monitor, Swing Catalyst and video analysis:
  • 1 person: $160 
  • 2 people: $250 
  • 3 people: $290
  • 4 people: $320 
(GST included) 


The best way to improve in your game, focusing in every aspect of your game with video analysis, GCQuad launch monitor and Swing Catalyst and System.

5 Hours package (10% discount applied): 
  • 1 person: $720
  • 2 people: $1,125
  • 3 people: $1,305
  • 4 people: $1,440
(GST included) 

10 Hours package (15% discount applied): 
  • 1 person: $1,360 
  • 2 people: $2,125
  • 3 people: $2,465 
  • 4 people: $2,720
  • 5 people: $3,200
  • 5 people: $3,600
(GST included) 

20 hours package (25% discount applied): 
  • 1 person: $2,400 
  • 2 people: $3,750
  • 3 people: $4,350 
  • 4 people: $4,800
(GST included) 

Lesson on course:

  • 18 Holes, Course Lesson: $ 500 , green fee not included (max 3 people)
  •   9 Holes, Course Lesson: $ 320 , green fee not included (max 4 people)
(GST included) 

Green Reading

  • 1 person: $240 - 90 minutes at the putting and pitching green, analysing all the aspects that you need to improve your putting and chipping .

Improve your strategy:

  • 9 Holes, $320
Working to refine your strategy on course and discover which is the best combination for you to get a good score . Many people underestimate this aspect, but it is a very important key point to work on.. 
(GST included) 

TPI Body screening

TPI is the world's leading educational organisation dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing . 
Find out what part of the body limits your swing .

  • 1 person: $130
(GST included) 

Develop your strength and speed with TPI Power Protocol

The most advance training in developing strength and speed . Before proceeding with this specific training the player has to take the TPI level 1 test (body screening).


Online lesson

This is a good opportunity to help you understand better your mistakes throughout the long game, short game and putting areas.. 
I will do a careful analysis showing your weaknesses and strengths. 
You will be added to my online platform in order to send me the videos. After that we will have a call for about 45 minutes. 

Every session will be charged SGD100 / USD72. 

Contact me: 
P: +65 9081 2615

Junior Program



below you find the USKids Golf Rules. I really believe this is the best way the parents can support their kids. 

Enjoy the read:

• It is necessary to be aware that this is your child's journey - not your trip. You do not live indirectly through them. Set yourself as a goal of being favorable and encouraging parents

Respect the rules, the opponents and the arbitration decisions. The referees are doing their best. A referee has a better position and a better understanding of the rules for making the right decision

Cheer but never replace coaches

• Never underline an unsuccessful competition and avoid reproaches

• If your child is more difficult than others, let him understand that what matters is the process of growth over time. Do not evaluate performances compared to those of others, do not impose comparisons, because each child has their own learning time

• Always show yourself interested in your child's competitions by always highlighting the improvements, without putting pressure. It is essential to motivate but without creating ambitious expectations

• Make your presence felt in times of difficulty by minimizing the negative aspects and promoting positive ones. Emphasize any improvement, even if it is not equal to expectations

• Always encourage your child to improve, but make him understand that knowing how to lose is more important and more difficult than knowing how to win

• Help your child establish realistic milestones and goals for his possibilities. Learn to also accept the limits

Stimulate its autonomy and independence by avoiding being omnipresent and always deciding on everything

• Offer unlimited support, always based on positive criticism

• Safety arises from approval, encouragement and objective analysis. Children are strict and fair judges 

Never interfere with technical choices and relationships with other game components.

• Statistically it is highly unlikely that your child will become the best player in the world, so just let him enjoy this trip. Use this wonderful sport as a vehicle to teach the life lessons they will need during their growth..

• Children start this journey to live a playful experience and learn to love this sport. They play for fun and not to satisfy our pride or to compensate for our frustrations

• Parents, finally enjoy the experience of your child, share with him this exciting journey in the world of US Kids Golf and enjoy unique and unforgettable moments with your children, moments that you will remember for a lifetime and will never come back .

For more information, please contact me:
Email: info@dbprogolf.com or
H/P: +65 90812615


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